San Diego Catering by Bekker's Catering

Services and Place Settings

All full service catered menus include white or black styrofoam, or neutral colored biodegradable, disposable compartment plates, heavy-duty matching plastic silverware and large paper dinner napkins.

Menus are served buffet style, including floor length buffet linens in your choice of colors and themed decor.

Service style may be upgraded with Hard Plastic, Bamboo, Glass or China Plates, Silverware, Linen Napkins, Guest Table Linens, Additional Servers, etc., as fits the occasion.

Let our experienced party planners help you decide what is appropriate for your event.

  • $5.00 pp

    China Service

    Includes White China Dinner Plate, Knife, Fork, Spoon, Basic Linen Napkin, Additional Servers

    $4.50 pp

    Corelle or Glass Plate Service

    Includes Glass Dinner Plate, Knife, Fork, Spoon, Basic Linen Napkin, Additional Servers

    Additional China Pieces

    $0.50 pp

    Acrylic Chargers : Black, Silver or Gold

    $0.75 pp

    China Salad Plates or Dessert Plates

    Our Personnel to service Client's Own China

    minimum $2.50 pp

    Combo Package

    $3.00 pp

    Includes Any Upgraded Disposable Plates, Real Silverware and Cotton Linen Napkins

    Hard Plastic Plates

    (Includes Appetizer and Dessert Plates, Heavy-Duty Matching Plastic White, Black or Clear Silverware and Large Paper Dinner Napkins)

    $1.50 pp

    Round Dinner Plates : White, Black, or Clear

    $1.50 pp

    Square Dinner Plates : White, Black, or Clear

    $1.50 pp

    Round Plastic Dinner Plates With Silver or Gold Border

    Bamboo Plates

    (Includes Appetizer and Dessert Plates, Heavy-Duty Biodegradable Silverware and Large Paper Dinner Napkins)

    $1.50 pp

    Square Bamboo Plates

    Basic Plates

    (Includes Heavy-Duty Matching Plastic or Biodegradable Silverware and Large Paper Dinner Napkins)


    Heavy Duty 3 Compartment Styrofoam Plates (White or Black)


    Neutral Colored 3 Compartment Biodegradable Plate


    $0.25 pp

    Silver Colored Plasticware

    $0.35 pp

    Gold Colored Plasticware

    $1.50 pp

    Real Silverware


    Heavy-Duty Plastic Silverware (White, Black, or Clear)


    Heavy-Duty Biodegradable Silverware

    Cake Cutting Service

    with Disposable Plates : $1.25 pp

    with China Plates : $1.75 pp

    Our servers will stay to cut and serve your Wedding Cake or other Desserts to your guests. Includes trays, serving utensils, plates, forks, napkins, clean up

    Champagne Corkage

    Service of Client's Own Champagne or Sparkling Cider: Our servers will stay to pass the glasses and be sure that everyone has Champagne in time for the toast!

    $1.25 ea

    With Plastic Champagne Glasses

    $1.75 ea

    With Plastic Champagne Flutes

    $2.25 ea

    With Glass Champagne Flutes

    Glass Service

    $2.00 ea

    Glass Stemmed Water Glasses

    $2.25 ea

    Mason Jar Glasses with Handles

    $1.75 ea

    Acrylic Water Glasses

    Above Glasses Include Spring Water, Ice, and our servers to serve water at guest tables.

    Bar Rentals

    $0.75 ea

    Glass Wine Glasses

    $0.75 ea

    Pilsner Glasses

    $1.25 ea

    High Ball Glasses

    $0.75 ea

    China Coffee Mugs

    Buffet Service Time

    Standard service includes 1 1/2 hours of open buffet time and all necessary servers. (Set up and cleanup time is also included in price.)

    For additional time requested - such as for an extended open house, you may add:

    $150.00 per hour

    Additional Service Time

    (Includes up to three crew members, amount may be adjusted if additional crew needed.)

    Plated and Family Style Services

    $5.00 pp

    Plated Dinner Service

    Includes Plated Salad, Dinner, and Dessert.

    In Addition to China Service - Please See Above for China Pricing

    $2.00 pp ea

    Plated Salad or Dessert Service

    Includes China Plates

    $4.00 pp

    Family-Style Service

    Set up or Break down of Venue / After Hours Clean Up

    Staff members to assist in the set up or break down of your venue, before or after catering crew is on site.

    Can assist with set up of your tables, chairs, linens, decorations, placement of party favors, clean up, trash removal, sweep, mop, gather and return items such as linens, beverages, bar equipment, pack client's gifts or other items.

    $50.00 per hour

    1 person

    $100.00 per hour

    2 people

    $150.00 per hour

    3 people

    $150.00 minimum


    For above 45 minute travel time from Bekker's.
    Varies depending on location and crew size.